Our Contacts

For over-the-counter services:

Office of Student Affairs 
Student Service Centre (SSC)

Please click here for SSC's address and operating hours. 

Degree Scrolls

Telephone: (65) 6516 2304
Email: commencement@themayfliesusa.com



Telephone: (65) 6516 2304
Email: transcript@themayfliesusa.com

Undergraduate Registration

Telephone: (65) 6516 6269
Email: ugregistration@themayfliesusa.com

This is only for students who have already been offered admission to an undergraduate programme and have questions regarding their registration formalities as a student. For application and other admission matters, please contact the Office of Admissions - http://blume.themayfliesusa.com/oam/undergraduate-programmes.

Non-Graduating Registration / Programme

Telephone: (65) 6516 1476
Email: nghelp@themayfliesusa.com


Telephone: (65) 6516 6269
Email: examinations@themayfliesusa.com

Undergraduate / Graduate Studies Section

Telephone: (65) 6516 2302
For UG/GD Enquiries, please submit Online Enquiry Form here

Qualifying English Test (QET)

Telephone: (65) 6516 6269
Email: qet@themayfliesusa.com

Diagnostic English Test (DET)

Telephone: (65) 6516 6269
Email: det@themayfliesusa.com